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I often wonder why people still fight and kill each other in the name of God…

( 21 08 2013 0122 )

…knowing about the Big Bang theory and all that vast space surrounding our little planet.
Let’s forget about these funny books with lot’s of human-made stories. The truth is out there, in the physics, science, facts.
I believe God does exist and he is the Creator of this Universe we live in. We don’t know shit about it, so stop fucking killing each other in the name of God, that you don’t even know nothing of!
We, people, are so pathetic and stupid.

wake up people – it’s time to stop drugs prohibition!

( 03 07 2013 0122 )

Fuck What They Think

( 28 04 2013 1705 )

We went to Scala (King’s Cross station) for a Spanish party. Came back at 7am, i was so tired I started takings some pics to keep me awake.



















U mnie się zapierdala!

( 02 04 2013 2109 )


fish fingers and fries

( 02 04 2013 2104 )


Harlem Shake, Partyzancka

( 07 03 2013 2319 )

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

( 17 02 2013 0213 )

A must watch documentary.

I want to move there!

( 20 01 2013 1243 )





2013: Great release

( 30 12 2012 2033 )


Must admit 2012 was all about planning and preparing things and not actually doing them.
2013 is a year of Great Release. All the things I have worked on, will now go live.
Obviously my capacity is limited so I will have to focus on those I care the most.

I just need to put these few projects live and change my life the way I always wanted it to be.

So what do I think of 2012?

  • Farpoint Labs Europe has 5 employees, projected to grow twice as much this year.
  • FPLE will release OrderCloud and that will change the game, not just the rules.
  • I have found that bad guy who broke into my house and walked off with all valuables.
  • I learned a lot of new stuff and realised what my priorities are.
  • Moved into new home that finally has only 1 bedroom.
  • Improved my finances to the point that I am not scarred to use internet banking.
  • Switched from PC to Apple.
  • Survived most hardcore night-out of my life. Attempted to destroy myself, mad shit…
  • Completely refurbished our flat in Opole and it’s now ready to be rented out.
  • I still have driving license on me, had to slow down.
  • Learned basic skiing and snowboarding skills.
  • Last and most important – prepared 5 projects to go live in 2013.

That’s it for now, I am off to make some scrambled eggs and pack things before hitting the road for new year’s eve in Berlin.

YouTube is becoming new X Factor where everybody can show their talent

( 12 12 2012 2105 )

And rather than having 3 judges deciding whether you qualify or not, there is potentially thousands of people to judge your skills. Isn’t that more fair? Surely it is, in fact I wonder when are we going to have such thing that would be essentially an online version of X Factor where everyone could vote and pick the winner. I have a feeling it’s already there but the crowd (including myself) did not hear about it yet…
Dragons’ Den already has it, it’s called Kickstarter and it really works.